War Dances

Two Indians walk into a bar on Thanksgiving.
On the TV the Cowboys are playing the Redskins
They couldn’t help but notice most of the players were black
But the coaches and the quarterbacks were white
In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet.

The bar was empty except for the bartender
who didn’t want to be there.
He’d rather be at home being thankful
for the Cowboys beating the Redskins.

Damned if the Redskins didn’t try though.
But against the Cowboys, it was as if they were outnumbered.
The Redskins worked their ground game
but they couldn’t match the Cowboys’
sophisticated passing attack.
It was like shooting arrows against bullets.

In reality, the game was over before it began,
But Americans love their Cowboys,
And love to watch a good slaughter.
So why not pit them against each other on Thanksgiving?
League executives thought,
Without any self-awareness or sense of irony.

By the time in the second half the announcers said that
the Cowboys were galloping up and down the field
and the Redskins look gassed,
walking with their hands on their hips,

The two Indians finished their Budweiser, walked past the cigar store Indian in a headdress at the entrance, went outside, lit their American Spirit cigarettes, and drove home.