Hillary Clinton vs the media on Election Culpability – My post on Blasting News

Hey all! I’ve begun writing for Blasting News and I will be sharing links to my posts here.
From the piece:

Glenn Thrush of the New York Times sent no less than fourteen tweets on May 2nd engaging in commentary of what he deemed an insufficient expression of responsibility, writing in one tweet “Mea Culpa-not so much: Hillary says she was ‘on the way to winning’ but combination of Comey letter, Russia ‘scared off’ voters,” and “I don’t care if she takes responsibility. I care if her explanation jibes with reality. It does, sorta, with glaring omissions.” What sort of admission of omissions is Thrush looking for? Does he want her to say that she should have gone to Wisconsin? Does he want her to say that she should have listened to Bill and went after working-class white voters? Should she unsheathe a katana and commit harakiri?

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