My name is TJ/Tom Burns and this is my blog. The purpose of this space is very much fluid. My primary intention for the page is for it to serve as a portfolio of sorts for my writing. However I feel that I will have a hard time resisting the urge to participate in the blogging experience. Friends of mine on Facebook would be happy for me to move my pontificating on all things politics, sports, and music elsewhere.

Speaking of politics, that is where most of my non-literary interests lie. The title of this blog is in reference to President Trump’s declaration as Candidate Trump that he has the best words. One could choose to view that as an ultra-meta bit of irony on his behalf, though we all know the truth. While the namesake of this page may occupy a large degree of the work here, my intention is to share thoughts and ideas on music, sports, and even some literature. Like I said, this is a fluid space.

This post itself may get buried as I intend to immediately post examples of some previous work as well as a new original piece which directly draws on the page’s name. I am easy to contact. If you find this content interesting, let me know. If you don’t, let me know. Most of all if you are interested in paying me for any of this, for the love of God let me know.

That’s enough for an introduction. Following this will be some of my words.



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